Free Software

Knossos Networks Ltd depends heavily on the use of open source software. Although we have to eat, and therefore much of what we write remains proprietary, we feel we need to give at least some of what we do back to the OSS community.

The following software is made available by Knossos Networks or its staff:

dterm: A simple terminal program

dterm is a simple terminal emulator, which doesn’t actually emulate any particular terminal. Mainly, it is designed for use with xterm and friends, which already do a perfectly good emulation, and therefore don’t need any special help; dterm simply provides a means by which keystrokes are forwarded to the serial line, and data forwarded from the serial line appears on the terminal.

gvrpad: GVRP announcement daemon for FreeBSD

This daemon makes GVRP announcements of all VLAN interfaces on a FreeBSD system.

The GVRP protocol allows switches or trunked end stations to announce to the network what VLANs should be forwarded to that device. The effect is that VLANs only need to be configured on the member ports; the protocol figures out which trunk ports are effectively also members.

This daemon just announces the VLANs statically configured on each interface to that interface. It does not listen for inbound GVRP announcements.

ned: A simple four-function text editor

ned is a simple text editor for those who can’t be bothered with the finickiness of vi and don’t like waiting for emacs to drag its dripping elephantine carcass into core just for the sake of making a quick edit to a file.

ned was originally written for MS-DOS because I needed a simple editor that would work from a session CTTY’d down a COM port. It can still fulfil that role.

smallfont: Small fonts for small screens

The Small Fonts provide readable 5×9 and 5×10 fonts, which work well on small laptop screens, giving three xterm sessions across on 1280 pixel wide displays. Also provided are some simple tools for converting BDF font files into an easily editable format, and instructions (and an installation script) for installing fonts.

Other Projects

Knossos Networks Ltd has contributed to the following projects: