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OnNetworks is our ISP brand, offering Small to Medium businesses a range of Telecommunications, Teleworking, Connectivity, Website & Applications services Nation wide, all from our data centre.

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The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is Knossos Networks’ premier hotel Internet access solution. Gatekeeper installations provide hotel management the maximum flexibility in managing hotel guest access, reporting and billing into the hotel Property Management System. Both wired and wireless network access is provided.


The Gatekeeper provides the following:

  • Wired and/or wireless Internet coverage throughout the hotel/complex;
  • Local access for office and/or Business Centre computers;
  • Internet address translation and firewall;
  • Billing interfaces for many popular Property Management Systems;
  • Flexible rates for different room types, e.g. premier rooms, conference rooms, complimentary access codes etc;
  • Charge-on-use and charge-on-issue billing models;
  • Fixed-time codes for cash sales;
  • Flexible, usage-charged codes for guests;
  • Multi-user access codes (e.g. for conference participants);
  • Flexible reporting;
  • Automatic sign-on for wired connections;
  • Automatic access code issue on wired connections;
  • Traffic quotas;
  • Rate shaping or termination of over-quota users;
  • Transparent SMTP proxy;
  • Unrestricted IP address ranges (e.g. for local information services);
  • Automatic configuration of network equipment;
  • IPSec and PPTP VPN for secure remote access.

A typical Gatekeeper installation on the Knossos network will have the following features:

  • Flat rate pricing;
  • Committed Rate Internet service to provide sufficient bandwidth for multiple users at high speeds;
  • Web, email and domain name registration for your hotel web presence;
  • Complete installation service;
  • Remote backup and management of Gatekeeper server.

You call the shots

At Knossos Networks, we don’t tell you how to run your business. There are no complex revenue sharing arrangements; you pay a flat monthly fee, and charge your guests whatever you like.