Frequently Asked Questions


4. Hosting

4.1. Where is your hosting facility?

  • Our facility is located at our office in Victoria St, in the centre of the Wellington CBD.

4.2. How big can my server be?

  • 19″ rack mount cases can be up to 4U (178 mm) high, and up to 700 mm deep. Rail mountings are between 700 and 750 mm apart (front to back).
  • Desktop cases may be up to 220 mm high, 440 mm high and 520 mm deep.
  • Mini-tower cases may be up to 440 mm high, 220 mm wide and 520 mm deep.
  • If a server is outside these dimensions, we can still host it, but there may be an additional charge depending on how much bigger it is.

4.3. How good is your power?

  • Every cabinet has mains and UPS feeds. The UPS feed provides battery and generator backed up power; the UPS can run for more than 10 minutes at full load to allow for generator maintenance etc. The generator powers the UPS input and air-conditioning systems.
  • The UPS is a true in-line UPS; utility power is rectified to DC and inverted back to AC. This isolated protected equipment from any spikes, brownouts etc on the mains supply.
  • The UPS and generator are on maintenance contracts and are tested regularly.

4.4. How much power can my server use?

  • Power usage (both to power the equipment and to dispose of the heat generated) represents a significant cost to the hosting facility, both in terms of direct cost, and in terms of the overall capacity of the facility’s power and cooling systems.
  • Each server has a one amp power allowance. If a server requires more than one amp, an additional fee may be charged.
  • Where multiple servers are hosted, power usage may be averaged over the full set of servers. For example, if two servers are hosted, one of which required 1.2 amps and the other requires 0.7 amps, then both servers can be hosted at no extra charge.
  • Power usage will usually be established at installation time; if we suspect that a server’s usage will be outside the allowance, we will ask you to run the server up with a meter attached to the power feed to measure usage.

4.5. How can I access my server?

  • Within the room, we have a KVM network and console. KVM ports support PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse ports, and 1024 x 768 video.
  • We can provide a network port for a lights-out management port if required.
  • We can supply IP KVM hardware for remote access into servers which lack an inbuilt lights-out management card.

4.6. When can I access my server?

  • We can provide access to the facility at short notice during normal working hours. Staff are usually available on site.
  • After-hours access can be arranged; for short visits in the early evening with sufficient notice, call-out charges can be waived.
  • Emergency access can be arranged; after-hours contacts are available on our contacts page. Note that such call-outs will be charged for unless the call-out is in response to a fault within Knossos systems.

4.7. What about a dedicated cabinet?

  • We can provide dedicated cabinets. Cabinets will typically be 960 mm deep, 600 mm wide and 2100 mm high, with lockable doors, communications cabling installed. We will configure the power, shelving, positioning of front and rear 19″ rack supports etc in the cabinet to the customer’s requirements. The standard power allowance is 10 amps, which can be measured non-intrusively at the power feed to the cabinet

4.8. Is there vehicle access?

  • Our facility is off the Technology One House car park, allowing drive-up access to drop off or pick up equipment.