Frequently Asked Questions


2. Web Sites

2.1. How do I upload my content to your server?

  • Use an FTP client to connect to Use your web username and password to log in (do not use “anonymous”). Each web site appears as a sub-directory, e.g. Files placed in the root directory or in any other directory you might create will not be visible on the web.

2.2. Why are my links broken?

  • Check that your files links are correct, and use the correct case. A link to “File.HTML” is not correct if the file is actually called “file.html”.

2.3. Why don’t I see my home page?

  • There must be a file called “index.html” in the web directory for your web site. This will be used whenever someone browses to your domain name without adding a file name after the domain.

2.4. I can log in with FTP, but data transfers fail.

  • Enable FTP client’s “passive mode” (or PASV) setting. If this is already enabled, and the client has an “extended passive mode” (or EPSV) setting as well, try disabling the extended passive mode. Some routers and firewalls don’t support EPSV or the old “PORT” mode connections.

2.5. Why don’t my CGI/PHP scripts work?

  • By default, only static pages will work. Contact us to get your web site upgraded to an advanced service with CGI/PHP capability.